Mixed Pallets

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These Pallets are 1 ton Pallets with 2 types of Smokeless Coal Ovoids. 50% 1 type 50% another. We do this for those people who have separate fires that use different types of coal or, for instance, prefer to use different types of coal at different time of the day. Whatever your reason we ship you 1 ton of with 2 different types of coal 50 - 50 split.

We now sell pallets with ALL 3 Traditional Coals


Innovative Eco-Friendly CO2 Aware

Easyglow is an Innovative Eco-Friendly CO2 aware solid fuel.  Our environmentally friendly solid fuel is a revolutionary smokeless fuel.  Produced from 15% renewable materials in Roslea Co. Fermanagh it is ideal for use on open fires and in multi-fuel stoves throughout the Island of Ireland